• Tales of Arrissia has been released! Head on over and check it out at Itch.io today!
  • The demo for Tales of Arrissia has been released! You can check it out on both Kartridge and Itch.io. I’ve also written a small introductory Devlog for the demo here.
  • Currently in development is the PC RPG title Tales of Arrissia planned for release in early 2019.

About NeetFreek

I founded NeetFreek in the Summer of 2018 to orgainse how I make and sell games. In doing so I decided that I would not become a part of what I see as “The Problem” with gaming.

By this I mean the real or perceived (I’ll keep things neutral for now) trends of many gaming studios or publishers: 1) taking increasingly more advantage of their customers/fans, 2)  in a growing list if clever (and expensive) ways.

To keep it simple: I don’t want to have any part of that.  I think that people who make games should focus on making games. The reality of things requires a profit-seeking mindset for running a game studio, sure. But I think we can all agree that there are certain lines that get overstepped.

NeetFreek will reflect my personal principles in the kinds of games it makes and in the way it behaves. Expect – and forgive – no funny business.

– Jonathan Widdowson

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An indoor scene featuring combat in Tales of Arrissia