Tales of Arrissia 2

The Demo is out!

So, it’s been about nine months now that I’ve been working on ToA.

And it is with pride that I can, in good conscience, shove ToA- or rather its demo – out into the world, both on Kartridge and Itch.io. I feel that the game is ready to stand on it’s own two feet… or whatever it is that games use to walk around with. At least the demo. Let’s see.

Er. Riiiiiiight… Point being, I think it’s ready to be judged on its own merits. Have a read through the manual, too. The full game will arrive shortly.

Why the demo? Well, for a few reasons:

  • I think everybody should have the chance to try out games for free – especially the ones that badger you for your money.
  • I’d rather like to squish the various bugs I’ve almost certainly created and let fester deep in the bowels of my code base. Also some last-minute fine-tuning. The game’s meant to be pretty difficult…
  • I fondly remember playing demos as a kid, back in the day – especially RPGs. It’s a tradition I’d rather like to try and continue.

The Development, in Short

This game’s been developed with the Unity engine,  which I picked up ealry-mid 2017. I’ve proudly written all my own scripts in C#, but let Unity handle things like physics and rendering (but that’s not to say I’m against writing my own engine sometime). I wrote the story, lore, etc (about 36k words in total) and enjoyed that grueling, never-ending tunnel of work.

Luckily I had a little bit of help on hand, Elina Satola (over at https://www.artstation.com/elinasatola) made all those lovely models. The music you hear is by the talented Antti Luode (at http://anttismusic.blogspot.come). There are a couple of others whose work has gone into the project (SFX, some of the icon and UI textures, progress bar materials and fonts), who you can find in both the game’s credits in-game and the manual.

And now?

Next up is the actual release. I don’t think it’ll be longer than a week or so, but that’s most likely hopeless optimism. I’ll see what sort of bug and imbalances reveal themselves in the demo, and adjust accordingly.

This will most certainly not be my last RPG effort, and I’ve already got all sorts of ideas for the next one. Most centrally, I’d like to double down on the story side (more immersive dialogue being a top priority) and head into the lands of tactical, turn-based combat with lots of abilities.

– Jono

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