About NeetFreek

Welcome to NeetFreek, proud developer of independent PC games. NeetFreek was founded in 2018 and is based in Finland. Currently working on a PC RPG title, Tales of Arrissia.

What’s the Deal?

The point of the studio is to create engaging, fairly-priced, and original games. Given that for the time being NeetFreek is a small (one-man) studio, I’m focusing on single-player RPGs for now. Why single-player RPGs? Cos I love ’em! I’ve played them for more than twenty years, am a book nerd who loves stories, and feel that the world needs more decent RPGs. Such games give us the chance to escape into our own private worlds of adventure and fun, where we can consider interesting ideas and moral issues.

If you’re looking to play RPG games made by someone who cares about the genre, you’ve certainly come to the right little studio.

Who’s this Guy?

My name’s Jonathan Widdowson, and I’m here to serve up some fresh, juicy RPG goodness to you on a digital plate. A brief overview:

  • I’ve enjoyed studying a lot of boring stuff to understand and fit into this crazy world
  • I have a wonderful cat, and an even wonderful-er girlfriend who both put up with my ridiculous hours and schedule
  • I take issue with scummy business practices in the games industry (well, scumming behaviour in general)
  • I spend most of my time either playing or making games