Tales of Arrissia

Tales of Arrissia is basically complete! This has prompted me to release a demo for the game, which you can grab any time you like, over at Kartridge.com or Itch.io page. It even comes with a manual – spiffy!

Welcome to Arrissia…

A faraway world at war with itself for as long as anyone knows. Civilisation is fractured across its hostile lands. Under the rule of the Protectorate, its people now enjoy modest safety from Arrissia’s many dangerous beasts.

Your story in this world is that of an unenviable orphan. Now 18, you’ve been released from Protectorate care to fend for yourself. Without work, you are barred from what little security civilisation offers. No trading, no owning land, no contracts of any kind. But without any training, finding work will be hard.

And so you find yourself unceremoniously dumped outside the gates of your old village. Left to your own devices. Most likely a quick death – but who knows? Maybe you’re attentive and careful enough to outlast the dangers Arrissia has in store for you… but probably not.


Remember the “Role” in Role-Playing Games? Arrissia does.

You are not a machine, interested only in stats. In tracking how many Things-To-Get you still need for Generic-Quest-23. In whether you’ve aligned your character to the quest pointer on the mini-map and waited the requisite time. Let the real machine handle all that, and PLAY!

Put on your adventuring boots, and – you know – go on an adventure. Talk to people. Figure things out. Be sneaky. Cheese the game. Die a bunch and learn from your silly mistakes. Go on, use that mighty squishy brain of yours.


Alright. So What’s This Game About, Then?

  • Figuring stuff out: You might get lost. You might get confused. But your trusty journal and crafty mind make the perfect team.
  • Developing your character: Get better at surviving thanks to items, statistics, abilities, and levels.
  • Depending on yourself: Blind luck and carefully engineered compulsion loops are fine-and-dandy, but here you get to beat the game by yourself, for yourself.
  • Exploring with freedom: Do whatever you want whenever  you want (although you might die!) Explore nooks and crannies and be rewarded with amusing* snippets of lore and jokes.
  • Surviving: No, really. Arrissia looks all hugs-and-cuddles, but it’s not. You’ll get swarmed, trapped, and beaten down. Engage carefully and pick your targets well.

* In the author’s – cough cough, developer’s – humble opinion!


Still Reading?

Good! You’ll do well in Arrissia, for it’s a world with a lot to find and read. Many items are of interest, and your character is surprisingly wordy – opinionated, even. So, you know, a character.

I’ve developed this game because I feel that some RPGs today miss the mark. In my humble opinion, RPGs are stories first, time-sinks second. I decided that instead of shoving my writing down your throats (e.g. 1. talk to Bob to finish your quest, 2.  listen to him blabber for a while, 3. then off you go to Sally, 4. maybe a cut-scene, 5. Rinse-repeat) I’d try something different.

What I settled on was this: let your curiosity drive the story forward. How? By requiring you to actively seek things out and see what they are/do. Of course we need some kind of central quest to drive the story forward – but the rest is up to you.

Sure, feel free to just traipse between quest-givers. But you’ll miss out on an awful lot. Because that random flower pot there is actually pretty interesting. And so is that book. And so is that one window over there. Oh, and there’s a super-good magic ring over there, by that pile of papers. Gee-whizz, gotta keep one’s eyes open, eh?

So sit back, relax, and get ready to explore Arrissia. Take your time, dear hero, and enjoy yourself.


About NeetFreek

NeetFreek is a solo indie game development studio. That’s a fancy way of saying me+big ideas+blood+sweat+tears+too much work. RPG games are something terribly dear to my heart, and I’d very much like to see the genre not devolve into an over-produced, super-expensive affair at the expense of stories.

To that end, I decided to start making games. Tales of Arrissia is my  ahem – NeetFreek’s – first game, and a glimmer of things to come.

PS. Tales of Arrissia is released soon. If you’re interested in knowing when it hits, send me an email at talesofarrissia@neetfreek.net and I’ll let you know.